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Benner Efird grew up hunting, trapping and fishing with his grandfather, John Cook, to whom he credits igniting his passion for wildlife and the outdoors. His interest in taxidermy started as a teenager, realizing early on that the passion he had for the hunt was just as intense for preserving its memory. This is when he started his apprenticeship under World Renowned Master Taxidermist Phil Helms. Benner’s apprenticeship with Helms quickly turned into a full time position that would last for several years.


After working in the industry for many years with Helms, along with assisting other world renowned taxidermists throughout the country, Benner was inspired to branch out and open his own taxidermist shop which was the beginning of Efird’s Custom Taxidermy.  The business grew quickly which necessitated a larger shop, which is where Benner currently operates.  Benner was born and raised in Rowan county which is where he calls home with his wife, Sonya and their daughter.  

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